Can I Have a Logo Put on My Floor?

October 20, 2016


The answer is simple: absolutely! Rubaroc® combines polymer resins and high-quality rubber granules to provide you with a slip-resistant surface that adds an aesthetically pleasing look to any area. The floor coating comes in many different colors, and the professionals at Dragon Scale Flooring will work with you to design any kind of logo or custom design you desire! For custom designs, we offer plenty of colors and color mixes to choose from:

Rubaroc® Colors:

rubaroc maryland

Mixed Color Suggestions:

rubaroc colors, mixes, logo, garage flooring, maryland


company logo in flooring maryland

Custom Design:

custom business logo flooring made with rubaroc

Dragon Scale Flooring uses highly-effective Rubaroc® to assist with your floor logo and custom design pattern needs over other types of flooring for many reasons:

It’s Slip Resistant

Rubaroc® has one of the highest coefficients of friction on the market. This reduces slips and falls even when the surface is wet. Additionally, the flooring is a softer surface than normal concrete or asphalt, so falls that do happen are relatively less harmful. Safer is better!

It’s Fully Customizable

Rubaroc® is available in a variety of different colors. Whether you want to create your own design with the colors or mixes of your choice or have a personal or popular logo integrated into your flooring, anything is possible with Rubaroc®!

It’s Flexible

Rubaroc® is designed to expand and contract, making it ideal for placement in any climate. It even holds up in severe heat or cold. It holds its shape and smooth surface, making it a great choice for your floor logo/design!

It Has UV Stability

Rubaroc® uses fade-resistant technology to provide you with flooring that will stay vibrant whether you choose a solid color, color mixture, design or logo!

It’s Non-Porous

Rubaroc® uses a close-cell polymer to lower the possibility of your floor being tarnished with dirt or other bacteria. This makes for easy maintenance and keeps your floors looking bright and vibrant all throughout the year.

Even if you don’t have a specific logo or custom design in mind, the experts at Dragon Scale Flooring are readily available to discuss your ideas for custom flooring and use their own knowledge to help you choose the logo or design that is right for you. Contact us today!

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