Best Type of Flooring for a Gym?

July 13, 2017

Are you looking to turn a room in your home into a personal at-home workout space or gym? Maybe you’re looking into starting your own business running a gym with paying customers?

Either way here are the different types of flooring which work great for a gym and the pros and cons of each.

The Best Type of Flooring for a Gym


Concrete flooring is a very economical choice, extremely durable and resilient, easy and inexpensive to maintain, environmentally friendly and sustainable, versatile for any installations you want to add now or later, and it looks great adding a fashionable aura of industrial chic.

The drawbacks are concrete is very hard, so you’ll want gym pads for some types of exercises. It doesn’t hold heat well so it can get very cold. Lastly, concrete will need a good concrete floor coating to avoid moisture retention.


Proper low pile gym carpeting is very durable. It’s cozy, warm, and inviting. It feels great on your toes. It can fun and incorporate cool designs.

On the other hand, installation is a challenge. Carpet isn’t as durable as other flooring and will eventually loosen, stretch, and become warped. And it’s not water proof, so it’ll soak up all the sweat from your or your customer’s workouts.


Hardwood is durable and looks fantastic. It adds a really nice, warm feel to a room. For a gym, it has the same advantages as a basketball court. It’s easy to clean.

Wood flooring however can be substantially expensive to have installed. Like concrete it can also be cold to the touch.


Laminate flooring is easy and inexpensive to install. Like hardwood and concrete flooring, it’s also easy to clean.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have the same value as hardwood floors. It can be slippery, loud, and hard. It also scratches and gouges easily, and unlike concrete or hardwood it can be sanded and refinished.


The best option for flooring a gym overall is concrete floors because of the cost, durability, look, and ease of cleaning. Although in a home that is not always a viable option.

If you do choose flooring for your gym, be sure to have it coated with a quality floor coating and be sure to get gym pads to prevent damage to the equipment and make it more comfortable and safe for you or your patrons to work out.

For more information on concrete flooring and concrete floor coatings for gyms, get in touch with Maryland’s leading expert on concrete floor coatings: Dragon Scale Flooring.

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